BioEnergy Farm profitable for farmers

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Which bioenergy source is feasible on your farm?
Today a lot of different options are available to use bio-energy on your farm. Two important options are biogas and wood combustion. With help of our bioenergy scan you will get a quick and global idea of the bio-energy potential of your farm.
Please feel free to try our wood combustion profit calculator or anaerobic digestion profit calculator when wood combustion or biogas installations turns out to have potential.
If you have any questions regarding the tool or your business case feel free to contact us.

 Available online scans: 

Biogas scan features:

  • Choose your own substrate input mixture
  • Calculates biogas production based on KTBL database
  • Shows two business cases simultaneously: electricity + heat delivery or bio-methane delivery
  • Detailed investment overview based on commercial offers
  • Subsidy rules included of all partner countries of the project
  • Shows yearly income and capital costs of installation plus running costs
  • Shows pay back time
  • Shows the amount of personnel hours needed for the operation
  • Gives multi annual financial overview (profit & loss and cash flow overview)